What is the Avemio AG Whistleblowing Portal?

Employees in companies and authorities are often the first to notice grievances and can use their information to ensure that legal violations are discovered, investigated, prosecuted and prevented. Whistleblowers assume responsibility for society and therefore deserve protection from the disadvantages that threaten them because of their reporting and can deter them from doing so. The draft law for better protection of whistleblowers and the implementation of the directive on the protection of persons who report violations of Union law is intended to expand the previously patchy and inadequate protection of whistleblowers and to transform Directive (EU) 2019/1937 into national law be implemented legally. At the same time, the goal of improved whistleblower protection should be reconciled with the interests of companies and public administrations, which are obliged to take whistleblower protection measures, in such a way that bureaucratic burdens remain manageable. With the whistleblowing portal, Avemio AG creates the necessary conditions for reports in accordance with the HinSchG.

How to submit a report in accordance with the HinSchG:

When entering your report, you must set a password with which you can then log in with your case number on this page using the link at the top right in order to read our answers to your report and, if necessary, provide further information. Make a note of this password and the case number as this is the only way you can contact us anonymously about your case.
Your data is stored encrypted and can only be viewed by Avemio AG's compliance officer. Your data will be deleted no later than three years after completion of the procedure.
You will receive confirmation of receipt of your report within 7 days. Within three months of your report, you will receive feedback from our compliance officer informing you about the investigation into the matter and any measures taken.
If you would like to be contacted by telephone or email, please feel free to leave your contact details in the text field.

You can also contact us at any time by telephone at +49 176 46798516 or by email at matthias.uhlig@avemio.com make a report. Please note that complete anonymity is not possible for technical reasons.

As an alternative or in addition to reporting on this portal, you are free to contact the relevant external reporting offices at the Federal Ministry of Justice, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority or the Federal Cartel Office.


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